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Pages Legend Magazine

by Shahed in Invision Community 4
    (v 1.1.5)
Legend Magazine is a series of Advanced Templates designed for IPS Pages App. This templates are accompanied with a powerful plugin, gives many customization, styles and re-orientation choices for these templates. Legend Magazine Templates can be assigned to already exist or newly created Database within IPS Pages app. Key Feature: Ajax Page Load. allows users to quickly navigate between in-database Pages back and forth. Magazine Look and Neat Design with many customization f

Legend Styler - Downloads

by Shahed in Invision Community 4
    (v 1.2.3)
Legend Styler - Downloads is an advanced plugin, to modify and re-design everything about IPS Downloads app. in 3 area: Download app's FrontPage, Category view and File view, there are dozens of option to style and redesign different sections. from "Featured Downloads" box, "What's new", "Highest Rated" and "Most Downloaded" boxes in FrontPage, to category view and finally for file view, there are options to change how generally your download hub can be looks. Demo (Please review live demo

Countdown Timer

by Shahed in Invision Community 4
    (v 1.1.1)
Countdown Timer is a plugin that give community's admins or moderators the ability to create unlimited block/widgets of countdown timer with customization options, add text, notes and permission to view for groups for each widget. Countdown Timer also have a plugin side setting, which can be use for adding a global countdown timer for across community. this specific block can be place in Top header, top of the main body or sidebar as a global place in all pages of IPS community. Demo N

Pages Legend News

by Shahed in Invision Community 4
    (v 2.5.4)
Legend Grid News Is a series of Page-App-Templates accompanied with a powerful plugin, so you can create a very flexible layout throughout your Pages app Database, in FrontPage, Category and Record View pages. These templates can be use on a New Page app Database setup or can be assigned to an existing Databases. FrontPage - Category View (Grid Style) - Category View (List Style) - Display View (Full Width Record Image)   Note: Usage of this product requires IPS Pages App 4.7

Peacock Theme

by Shahed in Invision Community 4
    (v 1.3.4)
peacock Theme, is an advanced Skin for Invision website. with numerous options, Admin have wide range of choices from top to bottom in case of style, colors and functionality. Key Features: Light and Dark mode + Customizable color palette Can be set which one is default [Light or Dark mode] Admin setting for change colors [Light and Dark mode] User level options for choose between modes 8 different color option for color palett

Mobile Navigation

by Shahed in Invision Community 4
    (v 1.2.0)
Mobile Navigation is a plugin, that add a special phone/tablet navigation at the bottom of Invision website. this navigation will give a look of smart mobile devices applications, for users when browsing website in mobile and have constant access to important links and features. apart from basic buttons, it is possible to add unlimited links as well, through a stylish menu in navigation. Demo (Default theme - in phone/tablet)

What's New

  • Support and Purchase QA

    • How can I purchase resource?

      Use Purchase/Support button to contact with me. this way we can create a channel for purchase, support and all future references.

    • How can I get support or get new updates?

      With same method as Purchase/Support button, we have a active support channel for communicating and you can request support, guide or report bugs if you have active license.

    • I have purchase resources before from Invision Marketplace, do I have access to support?

      Yes. if you have an active purchase for one of my resources from Invision Marketplace, you can present your "purchase key" and support will continue for you with same time frame as before. you can use "Contact" form or "Support/Purchase button" to notify me.

    • How renewal license works?

      Purchased license for most resources are limited to a timely duration, which up until it's ending date can get support request or offer new versions. after that, license must be renewd so such services continues. all current licenses are valid up until End Of Life for Invision Community v4.x.x

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